Website Design - Lumos Party Supplies

Customized website UI design for a Canberra based party supplies company. This newly funded company aims to provide highly customized balloon decoration service. The website they need should be look like clean, concise, high quality and professional

Website with llustrations is the new trend that can leave vistitors a unique visual expression. This kinds of website can effectively convey information, set a solid tone, affect emotions, as well as add aesthetics and beauty to the website.

lumos Landingpage


Interview and gather user requirement

Research and provide optional wireframe designs

Confirm the design with user according to user's branding


Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Customer Service!


By discussion with the company, they hope their website could be different from other competitors website. The design of the website should focus on express the character of the company that impresses their potential customers. Also, it's more important to let the audience know that Lumos is a design and quality-oriented company. Thus, for this web design, instead of listing a stack of information, a set of illustrations and concise layout is used to help the company stand out from the photo-strewn sites.