Portfolio Website - The Time Traveler

Custom portfolio website designed for an independent photographer mainly focus on portrait photography, family photography and wedding photography.

The main reason of having the portfolio website is increase the photographer’s visibility and online presence. She hopes to leave a great first impression for her potential clients in a professional way.

Other than share photographs on social media as a hobby, the photographer decided to commercialize her strength begin with having a commercial portfolio website.


Interview and gather user requirement

Research and provide optional wireframe designs

Confirm the design with user according to user's branding


Adobe XD



Customer Service!


To get started, I interviewed the photographer and collected the user requirement about her expectation of the website. After the discussion and researching on her works, I showed her 2 versions of wireframe. The style of the website is confirmed to be clean and simple, use minimal elements and colours to match the visual identity system of the branding of the photographer.

The photographer has a large number of photo works which need to be displayed orderly. Photos have been sorted into 3 categories, and for each category, photos are displayed in WaterFall View.


The website is used to showcase the photo works of the photographer, help the brand to promote in the industry successfully and stand out from the photography market.

The photographer has acquired her first client by showing the webpage even before the site is launched. Then, the photographer left positive feed back about the service.